Home Page Optimization Presentation 4/16

“Home Page Optimization - Is Your Home Page Doing Its Job!!?”

Your Home Page is your site’s Uber-Concierge;  it has many responsibilities, must be accountable to its visitors’ needs, and must enhance the user’s experience as the first step in converting site visitors into business goals.

“Home Page Optimization” will be presented by Hatchery Tenant John Hoecker (OnlineStrategics.com) on Monday, April 16th at 12:00pm in the Rebel Base, during which you will be presented with a checklist for evaluating the effectiveness of your Home Page, and have insight into some simple changes you can make to boost your site’s overall effectiveness.

Topics will include:
  • How visitors REALLY USE a Home Page (and all of your pages for that matter);
  • How evaluating your Home Page acts as a guide to optimize your Site Information Architecture;
  • Necessary Home Page content elements and functionality;
  • Checklists for evaluating your Home Page and Site Navigation effectiveness;
  • The exponential effects of solid User Experience Optimization for ALL of your Online Marketing campaigns - SEO/Rankings, Social Media, Conversion Optimization.

There will be plenty of time for live Home Page Audits, or any related Online Marketing questions - SEO, Conversion Optimization, Site Information Architecture, etc.

Also, follow up this presentation on Tuesday evening with SEO Expert Tommy Griffith (Clickminded.com), and you’ll have a solid overview of your site’s performance and techniques for driving targeted search engine traffic to it.

Please RSVP to [email protected]  See you on Monday!!
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